We are...

  •              Caring


  •                                            Lovable

  •                                                        Trustworthy

  •                                                                     Compassionate

                                                                                                          Companion and home support workers.

Our mission is to provide care by putting all our resources to work for your happiness &

well being and to reassure your families of experienced,

skilled and knowledgeable service to your loved ones. This is our priority.

Serving across Canadian territories and with an improved experience,

we find the best solutions to care for our clients and keep their families informed and comforted.

Our knowledge and dedicated work have touched numerous clients and families promote reliable and good recommendations. Totally aware that you entrust us with your most valuable asset, your life, our team devotes their knowledge, experience, and abilities to serve you for the best results.

CPR- First Aid- AED Certified- acquiring and applying the right knowledge at the right time, we pride ourselves in providing personal support in the home and in the facilities at your high standards. – Click here to learn more about our qualifications – 

The plethora of SERVICES we so far achieved for our clients speaks for itself when we actually do the work in your home or at the facilities you designate to create and entertain the best environment for your loved ones, whether parents or other elderly in your family. With great care, we deliver personal support services in the healthcare area and the housekeeping.

While looking after our clients to satisfy their most current needs for medication and health we also combine these with the following services, and below you will find a brief description of each:

  • adequate transportation for both personal and medical needs
  • assure police vulnerable check
  • provide high standards housekeeping
  • complete daily tasks including meal preparation
  • bedside care for patients who had complex care needs

On high demand is helping clients to accurately take their medication and support them during their treatment, as required. Working cooperatively with them, we promote a harmonious environment in the home or at the facilities.

You can view our SERVICES or read through some of them below. We would be delighted to get in touch!

  • Transport our clients to their appointments
  • Perform daily basic errands for them
  • Support their quality of life and their requests
  • Facilitate client movement and daily care support
  • Update daily client logs tracking vitals, health conditions of the client, food intake and elimination details
  • Accompany clients to appointments and on personal outings either with or without a vehicle.
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